• Do you offer online, remote exams?

Yes, we currently offer exclusively online remote exams.


  • What do I need for online, remote exams?

To take our online remote exams, you will need:

A computer with a microphone, webcam, and mouse.

A strong and stable internet connection.

The latest version of the Chrome browser (version 81 or later).

A quiet and uninterrupted room for taking the exam.


On the day of the exam, we recommend logging into your account at least 10 minutes in advance to

begin the registration process and address any potential issues.


  • How much does a certification cost?

For exam prices, please refer to our Exam Prices page.


  • How do I apply?

To apply for an exam, please ensure you book the exam at least 10 working days before your desired exam date.

Upcoming exam dates can be found here. Apply for exams using the Individuals Application Form.


  • What certifications are available for online, remote exams?

We offer the following certifications for online, remote exams:


Foundation - Certified Tester Syllabus 2018 (V3.1) [Retiring 09 May 2024]

Foundation - NEW: Certified Tester Syllabus 2023 (V4)

Foundation - Agile Tester

Advanced - Test Manager

Advanced - Test Analyst Syllabus 2019

Advanced - Technical Test Analyst Syllabus 2019

Advanced - Test Automation

Advanced - Security Tester


  • Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for students, unemployed individuals, and group bookings. Exam prices with applicable discounts can be found here.


  • In case of failure, how much does it cost to re-take the exam?

For individuals who need to re-take an exam, we offer a 15% discount. Please note that the first exam must be taken through GRTB.

Exam prices with re-take discounts can be found here.


  • Are the exam questions in Greek?

No, all our examinations are conducted in English.


  • Can I re-schedule an exam?

 If you are unable to take the exam on your selected date, you can request a rescheduling. Please try to inform us at least 5 working days before your scheduled exam date.


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