For the exam, you will need:
 A windows computer with a microphone, web camera and mouse
 Strong Internet Connection, preferably connect with an ethernet cable. If the internet connection is lost for more than 10 seconds your exam will be stopped and you will have to start it from the beginning.
 Latest version of Chrome browser (mandatory), chrome version 81 and later
 A quiet room to take the exam
 Your computer should not have VPN, firewall or antivirus activated. Otherwise, you will not be able to participate in the exam. Prefer using a personal computer to avoid company restrictions.


Please note that you are required to have a clean and clutter-free workstation. During check-in, the Proctor will ask you to perform a room and desk scan using your webcam and will inspect any materials near your workstation. No additional devices are allowed.

The exam will be monitored by a proctor at all times and will be recorded in case of review needed.

On Exam Day
We recommend that you log in to your account 10 minutes in advance to begin the registration process and troubleshoot any issues.
How do I apply?

Please make sure to book the exam at least 5 working days before the desired exam date.

 Individuals Application Form



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