Content of Foundation Level examination

The available time for Foundation Level exam in English is 75 minutes.

Exam questionnaire consists of 40 questions. Each question has 4 answers – 1 correct and 3 incorrect ones. Correct answer should be selected and marked. Each correct answers has 1 score. In order to have a successful exam, at least 26 scores shall be achieved.

Each question shall be based on ISTQB Foundation Syllabus.

Content-based clustering for the questions is based on 7 chapters of the syllabus (2011):

  • Fundamentals of Testing (7 questions)

  • Testing Throughout the Software Life Cycle (6 questions)

  • Static Techniques (3 questions)

  • Test Design Techniques (12 questions)

  • Test Management (8 questions)

  • Tool Support for Testing (4 questions)


Module Number of questions Exam Length 
(in minutes)
Exam Length + 25% 
(in minutes)
Foundation Level 40 60 75
Agile Tester Extension 40 60 75
Model-Based Tester Extension 40 60 75


Content of Advanced Level examination

Each Advanced Level exam module (i.e. Test Manager, Test Analyst and Technical Test Analyst) has an independent exam, consisting of multiple-choice questions split 'roughly' in line with the Learning Objectives of each chapter.

Each question answered correctly scores between one and three points, reflecting the difficulty, and the candidate must reach a score of 65% to pass the exam.

The number of questions and exam timing for each module is indicated in the following table.  If the candidate's native language is not the exam language, the exam duration is increased by 25%.


Module Number of questions Exam Length 
(in minutes)
Exam Length + 25% 
(in minutes)
Advanced Test Manager 65 180 225
Advanced Test Analyst 60 120 150
Advanced Technical Test Analyst 45 120 150
Test Automation Engineer 40 90 118
Security Tester 45 120 150

Examination Applications Guidelines

  • Please note that your application will only be considered valid if submitted within the application deadline, which is 10 working days before the exam date.
  • We recommend using your personal Gmail account when applying.
  • Apply from here : Application Page


  • If your company is interested in purchasing a group exam for your employees, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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